Swift So Far, Week 5

I’m just trying this out, we’ll see if it sticks.

When Apple announced Swift at WWDC last month, I made a conscious decision to not get caught up in the excitement of a new language. The plan was to focus on getting work done in good old Objective-C for the next few months, then catch up with Swift sometime in the future, when I needed it.

Five and a half weeks later, it looks like I need to change my plan. Based on the volume of blog posts being made about it, Swift is gaining a lot of traction with the community pretty quickly. At the same time, it’s a language that is going through a lot of changes in its infancy. I’m going to spend a couple of hours each week getting caught up with those changes as they occur so that when it’s time to learn it in earnest, I’ll have a better foundation on which to start.

I’ll post every Sunday night to start.