I’m Anthony. I’m a graduate in Computer Science from UC Irvine and am currently an independent software developer and consultant based in Los Angeles.

I work primarily with supply-chain and manufacturing systems (like these) doing implementations and data analytics for my clients. Find out more about my enterprise consulting experience on my company site and on LinkedIn.

I do additional work on iOS (Objective-C and Swift) and machine learning (Python) for fun and edification. I am currently working on my capstone project for a NanoDegree from Udacity. (I expect to finish it this summer.)

My twitter account has been dormant for a couple of years but I publish to github every once in a while.


I write on this site about random (but mostly tech-related) topics.

I write about work and family life at the diligent.

Finally, I am writing about how I am losing weight at one rule weightloss.