Semantics and Review

I received my homework back for week 5, semantics, and my results weren’t as good as the previous two weeks. I had been on a roll of getting 100% on them, but this time I missed quite a few questions. I blame the combination of a busy Valentine’s day weekend and an extra long chapter (over thirty pages instead of the usual twenty). I was a couple of days behind on my typical schedule, so I didn’t get as much time as usual to review my homework. I guess I should have planned ahead for last weekend. It’s crazy how one off day can throw me off track. Anyway, I’m now halfway through this ten week course and I am enjoying the subject very much. The Finegan book is a brief overview of the different fields of study within the overall field of linguistics. I should use this information to decide which direction I want to go, assuming I continue my studies.

At this point, I’m planning on taking at least one more class. UCLA Extensions is offering another online class next quarter, also taught by Professor Operstein. I will ask her for her opinion on how I should proceed from here. I was planning on taking the next quiz (on syntax and semantics) tonight, but the course website is down for a hardware upgrade. They’ve been having performance issues lately. They even lost some data on the discussion boards a couple of weeks ago while doing some maintenance work. This next quiz shouldn’t be too hard, I hope. I did well on the syntax homework and I just need to review my semantics homework before taking the quiz. I’ll shoot for Tuesday night on that one. I’ve already finished this week’s assigned reading, the chapter on writing. That was also very good reading.